We will make all the necessary arrangements so that you can choose between Old Castle Villas, Farm Villas, Boutique Hotels and Hotels and Apartments near the sea, to accommodate you and your quests during your presence in Rethymno.

  • Old Castle Villas laying in the uplands around Rethymno and they look off Fortezza Castle, Chania Acrotiri and Scaleta, with the unmeasured blue of the Cretan sea in their feet, and the eternal light of the clear sky to fulfill your hearts. Most of them were born several ages before and now they have dressed with their new suit in order to welcome you to now and then, to the present, the past, and the future.

    Palazzo Di Acqua


  • Farm Villas in the mountains or agricultural hinterland of Crete, among the olive fields that are famous for their excellent quality Cretan olive. Refreshing destinations in the unpredictable Crete that in every road curve changes the line of sight. Authentic open-heart people are living in the villages around, and they are famous for their hospitality and tradition their culture and sensitivities.

    Faethon Villa    |    Aeolos Villa    |    Villa Balsam


  • Boutique Hotels in the old town of Rethymno for you who want to fly with your fantasy wings to the past and feel the atmosphere of the previous centuries in your soul. Rethymno is a mixture of civilizations which are lost in the ancient years. With the brine of sea and the pictures of eternity . Every step gives you the sense of memories, every street welcomes you to the spring among the summer with the smells and the flowers, with the people who know how to make your days days of happiness with just a “goodmorning”.


  • Hotels and Apartments near the sea for those who want to picture the Cretan sea in their hearts forever. An open clear live painting runs your eyes and your feelings in harmony and freedom. Your thoughts, your memories stay here in Rethymno. The place that you always return...


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