...a very blessed moment for the parents and the child
...let us organize these moments for you,
with nobility, simplicity and elegance
in Rethemnos lovely chapels near the sea...


Specifically for your christening in Rethymno or Crete to take place we will make all the necessary arrangements needed for the child being baptized, such as getting the christening gown, for the guests, such as providing them with the invitations and the baptismal souvenirs and for the event itself, such as booking the ceremony with the local vicar and fixing the legal papers needed.


For the child:

  • Christening gown
  • Suit to wear at the church before the baptism
  • Christening accessories such as the baptismal cross

For the parents and the godparent(s):

  • Beauty services
  • Suit/Dress
  • For the guests:
  • Invitations
  • Christening souvenirs

For the event itself:

  • Book the christening event with a local vicar
  • Legal papers, accessories and any other coordination needed by the church
  • Decoration with fresh flowers, balloons, etc.
  • Traditional Cretan sweets
  • Traditional christening dinner with music
  • Photos and videos
  • Play corner for the kids to enjoy the venue with toys, books, and puzzles.


Procedures before the Christening:

  1. Preparation of legal papers
  2. Booking of date and time
  3. Choose the place of ceremony
  4. Planning the ceremony
  5. Propose the baptism style , themes, decorations, sweets.
  6. Arrange photographer and videographer.
  7. Decide for the reception details, place, menu, music.
  8. Schedule the baptism day preparations.
  9. Arrangement of transportations
  10. Pre-christening meeting with the parents for the last details.


The lovely day:

Discreet Coordination of the preparation procedures, ceremony, reception


After the Christening:

  1. Organize after-christening special events such as Rethymno town foot tour for the guests.
  2. Complete the procedures, issue legal Christening papers, certificates videos and photos and send them by email and post.



  1. Accommodation for the godparent(s) and the guests
  2. Transportations if needed
  3. Rent a car services
  4. Sightseeing tours in Rethymno
  5. Arrange tickets for boat trips

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